Former Sheffield Hallam student helps teachers through YouTube

A former Sheffield Hallam University student has started a YouTube channel with the aim of creating positivity and support for those involved with education.

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Katie Tollitt, 26, was tired of seeing negative posts online regarding education. She felt that people were being put off teaching due to the pressures of the job. For Teachers aims to encourage enthusiasm in the industry as well as being a platform for her and Ryan Speed to share their teaching experiences.

The pair started the channel in January this year and is regularly updated with light-hearted videos covering everything from “How to pass your QTS tests” to “Bad teacher habits to avoid.”

Their latest video is “Lesson Observation Tips For Teachers.”

She graduated from Hallam in 2013 with a degree in BA (Honours) Primary Education. It is a three-year long course that includes qualified teacher status (QTS) which is needed to be able to teach in most state schools.

Since graduating she has taken on roles such as Computing Subject Lead, Year Group Lead and has been promoted to English Subject Coordinator in her current school.

“I had a wonderful time at Sheffield Hallam. My course was inspiring, and it equipped me well for my NQT (newly qualified teacher) year. My placements had their ups and downs but it’s all part of the experience required to become a successful teacher.” She said.

Katie said she would advise Hallam students to take a moment to appreciate where they currently are. “You’re living in the most incredible, friendly and inspiring city. Make the most of every minute because it’ll be over in a flash!”

Below is a video of Katie discussing her experience with the course and giving advice to others thinking about taking a similar route.

Ryan and Katie met five years ago at a school in Manchester when she was newly qualified (NQT). “Working in a school that dealt with difficult behaviour meant we relied on each other for support; We always knew how to keep the staff uplifted when times were tough.” She explained.

Two years ago, they decided to move to Hong Kong and continue with their teaching careers. Katie said she would recommend international teaching to all educators and hopes to make a video explaining how they got to this stage.

Katie and Ryan are currently focusing on providing videos for those starting out in teaching, but as they become more experienced they hope to share ideas with teachers that have been in the profession a little longer. They say they believe their channel has unlimited potential.

When asked about the ups and downs of teaching Katie said: “Every day is different; Every class is unique. Worst case scenario, remember the summer holiday will come around quickly and you’ll have the chance to explore the world. I’ve met some of the most incredible, inspiring and creative people through teaching. Teachers are stronger than they realise and must be positive influencers for the next generation.”

Youtube Channel:

Facebook page:

Instagram: @ForTeachers

Twitter: _ForTeachers


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